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Our friends live just outside Ajijic going west towards Jocotepec. Last night they heard the first rain birds of the season.

Rain birds are not acutally birds but are large insects that herald the rainy season will be here in 6 weeks.

This is always very welcome news and it is always very exciting to hear the first rain birds. This year April has been a beautiful month and the weather has been fantastic. Very often April and May can be a little hot and dusty as we all eagerly await the rains and the most beautiful season of the year here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, the “Rainy Season”.

Most of the snow birds have headed back north and I always think it is a shame that they do not get to experience this amazing time of year from June 15th to October 15th.

Oscar Ibarra Mendoza offers more than furniture at his store on the carretera Chapala-Jocotepec # 119 A&B in San Antonio Tlayacapan near OXXO. Telephone (376) 766-4972.

There is a large selection of sofas and chairs and all brand name mattresses at very good prices. They also have lots of sales to watch or throughout the year.

The main reason I am writing about them today is the fact that they have sheets, duvets, mattress covers, comforters etc. in a very large selection.

We have been here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for almost 18 years and, as many people do, we have a pool.

We had a wonderful pool man at our house in Villa Nova that we had come to us here in our new house 12 years ago but he, sadly for us but happily for him], went on to be a successful contractor.

We then hired a person who had gone to school with our kids and were happy with him for many years.

Two Spoons Bistro and Bar is a relatively new restaurant located in the heart of Ajijic on Ocampo #2. Tel. (376) 766-5089.

Their specialty is French Onion Soup which by all accounts is delicious and authentic.

Also to start there is a Chipotle Raspberry Sauce over Cream Cheese on Multi Grain Crackers and a daily soup.

They have three fresh tasty salads as well.

There is a restaurant that everyone has been talking about for breakfast and lunch and recently they opened for dinner.

This is very good news and jolly good timing as we have lost one of our best chefs, Laurent, to South America.

My friend (who had enjoyed an amazing brunch at La Una) and I decided to try it for dinner and we were not disappointed.

I am sure Americans can avail themselves of this web site or another one but this information is for Canadians.

It is income tax time for the US and Canada and most of us will be doing our taxes online with or without help. The deadline for Canadians to submit their 2011 income tax return is April 30th, 2012.

For the last several years I have used and been very happy with the results.

Every year I dread doing our Canadian income taxes but once again this year it is done and I feel terrific.

This new meat store is being described as a Fine Cuts Boutique. They are located beside Joanna’s German Restaurant on Boulevard Ajijic # 122 in La Floresta. Their phone # is (376) 766-5288 and they are also on Facebook under Sonora’s Meat Ajijic.

We have been buying our meat from Tony’s (beside Superlake) for the almost 18 years we have been here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. We have always been very happy with meat from Tony’s and have frequently made special orders for special occasions.

Ajijic’s Passion Play has evolved over 3 decades.

This colorful spectacle drawn primarily from Biblical accounts of the teaching of Jesus, his Crucifixion and Resurrection and go to the core of the Christian Faith, arising from methods of evangelization introduced by Spanish missionaries who arrived in Mexico nearly 500 years ago.

The following is the schedule for Ajijic starting with Maundy Thursday, April 5th. Information and schedules for Chapala and San Antonio Tlayacapan are available in the Guadalajara Reporter March 31st.