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     Hello and Welcome to your Lake Chapala, Ajijic homes search. At the bottom of this page you will find a direct portal into Lake Chapala, Ajijic's Multiple Listing Service. If you have not visited the Lake Chapala, Ajijic area previously you may want to continue reading as we have posted a brief outline of what you can expect in the different areas around Lake Chapala, Ajijic.

     There are several subdevelopements (fraccionamientos) located in and around the Lake Chapala Area. There are up sides and downsides to each neighorhood. I’ll try to point these out as we go but in the end, it is a subjective exercise, and there are no two houses that look alike so I’ll be speaking in generalities. The prime area for most of my clients has been from Riberas del Pilar to the Raquet Club which is an area stretching 10 km’s down Lake Chapala.

     Some of the more popular ones include La Floresta… this gated community is just east of the village of Ajijic and while it’s somewhat quieter than the village it is easy to walk to most amenities. If you are looking for views of Lake Chapala there are better areas.

     Villa Nova ...On the west side of the village of Ajijic, this rather upscale neighborhood does have some lake views and a wide price range of homes. They have had some water problems in the past but these stemmed from pumping problems rather than a shortage of water. This area has potable water in all the homes.

     Chula Vista…Is east of Ajijic about 1.5km and also has potable water in each home.I believe this was the first “gringo” development on Lake Chapala and got it’s start in the late ‘60’s so some of the houses look like the “Cleavers” just moved out (dated) while others are some of the finest in the Lake Chapala area. Upper Chula Vista is on the East side of the 9 hole golf course and has better views, Lower is on the west side and is more level but some homes still retain a lake view.

     Riberas del Pilar…is what realtors call “up and coming”. There are still quite a few building lots left but it has filled in quite a bit in recent years. It is less “upscale” but the location is excellent. Make sure you check the drainage of lots nearer the lakeshore but if you want to be in the prime area for less money it’s worth a look.

     Rancho del Oro…is just west of Ajijic and is really just a name given to that part of the village above the highway. It has many excellent lake view homes and has seen a great deal of development in recent years.

     Las Salvias… small exclusive area of the village above the highway (none gated).Very nice area, can be pricey but it has the views and close proximity to the village. Not every home is palace but it has quite a few of the nicer houses in the area.

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