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Lodging, Rentals, and Real Estate Information for Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico

    For a small area there is no shortage of good lodging. There are, of course, places to fit every budget, from cheap and cheerful to four star hotels. In mexico, hotel owners often designate their own star ratings so don’t put too much stock in that.

    Most people prefer to stay in Ajijic over Chapala because of the greater number of restaurants and amenities in Ajijic but there are some very pleasant places to stay in both. when i came down here i used the AAA guide book. It was next to useless as the nice charming places had one star and the tacky big name places had several.

    There are ump-teen Bed and Breakfast’s and since it’s a small town, I don’t want to exclude anyone by trying to list them all here. They also change hands and or go out of business at an alarming rate so information can quickly become outdated.

    The two upscale places you’ll hear the most about are Casa Tres Liones and La Nueva Posada. Both are excellent choices. Room rates vary during the seasons but you can visit their web-sites at www.lanuevaposada.com and www.casatresleones.com. Both are good value for money and both can offer longer term accommodations with kitchenettes if you want to stay several weeks. These are good options because it is sometimes hard to find a house to rent for a month or less.

    We would be glad to help you find the right place for your needs if you e-mail us your requirements. We aren’t travel agents but in the busy season, sometimes it’s easier for us to find good accommodations from here than trying to do it yourself. I hear people say they never got a response from their e-mail to this B& B or hotel so it’s better to call and that is obviously easier from here. We don’t get any kind of kick back from this but to be honest it’s a good way to connect with you and hopefully you’ll want to use us as your real estate company.

    We can also help with local car rentals and anything else you might need help with. The bottom line is, after living here for 16 years we know the area and we can point you in the right direction.

    Our goal is to suck up to you in any way we can prior to your arrival.

    Please let us know the most effective way to do that.

   Kevin Collins

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